Future trends in B&C

Prefab building in the “Smashing Twenties” 

In many ways, he believes the 2020s to become a reprise of the 1920s.
So, here are the trends having an impact on B&C industry:

  • In that era garden cities emerged, where people could live in green environments, with gardens, large terraces, parks etc.  The same is expected in the post-corona era. 
  • Re-urbanisation will be major, large cities will shrink, many citizens migrate to rural regions where they can live, work from home part-time or full-time and where they anticipate living from lockdown to lockdown in a century of pandemics and social unrest.
  • Small electric planes will enhance re-urbanisation.
  • Factories return from China: reshoring.
  • And multi-generational homes will become trendy. Also, communities of friends (= family, families of friends) can live together in order to beat loneliness.
(c) Adjiedj Bakas

Trendwatcher Adjiedj Bakas (1963 ) will speech about the post-corona world,he sold 1 million books worldwide, here a video about his vision. He is author of the book ‘The New Renaissance’. www.bakas.nl


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